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March 2017 Release


Jan at beach5Whats Up With Flourishes? I, Jan Marie Caruso and still the sole owner of the company.  We have been in business for eight years, although I was forced to take a medical sabbatical.  During that times lots of things changes, the old core group all left and I was too, too often hospitalized to deal with things that should have been done.  Now I am on my way to recovery and putting all the pieces together.  Our main store is known as www.flourisheslc.com we will continue to produce high quality stamps and a growing range of supplies.  In the future we open a sister store, Flourishes.org for all retirement stamps, papers and the like.

I have found that God has created so many great artist.  Lauren Pope is still with us but we are grooming 2 and possibly a third artist.  Our goals are the same; timeless images for today allow you to create with love and art.  I am especially lucky to have my husband by my side as I take these steps.  We believe that quality not quantity are most important.  We understand that there are times when problem arise, but will continue to solve them in a timely and gracious manner.

You can contact us at flourisheslc@gccoxmail.com or our toll free number; 1-888-475-1575

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