Hello Friends,

I have the wonderfully opportunity lately to chat with a couple of old stamping buddies.  I told them that I had not seem them stamping at all lately. I wasn’t surprised that the said they said they had just gotten away from it, other things good in there and no mojo.  I think that happens to all of of us from time to tome.  We go through dry spells, things don’t look the same any more.  All of these are very true for me I know.

It has been very difficult since the fall on Dec 13th of last year.  Christmas was a blur, and still today walking that far is difficult.   I missed my stamping, my coloring and my creative juices were going unsatisfied.  Mike had set up a temp office in a room we were not using for me.  My next step was to move some of my stamping things to the new office.  I am really liking it!  I have had plenty of time to play with the newest Flourishes stamps.  I am having fun.  Coloring for me is a great release of stress relief.  I don’t have my desk top computer, but so far my good old laptop of 15 years is still kicking and it’s enough for now.

If you have not been stamping and coloring I am going to suggest you do so real soon.  Are you aware that Flourishes has been releasing five new stamps each release?  That is more that we ever did during the old Flourishes ‘s time.  And the art is really good.  Rubberstamp Madness , the magazine, is looking for entries for there Christmas edition.  They are really focusing on tags.  That’s a good place to get back in to stamping as tags are small but there are so many possibilities.

New week we will host a blog hop to show you the new stamps that are due to arrive shortly.  They are all unique and fun, but I am not spoiling the surprise as to what they are, so join us please starting on Tuesday of next week.  I hope you will follow each lady and leave some love.  Ill be back soon.

Until later.