First of all we wanted to thank you for your patience as we are experiencing a few hiccups with our Website Migration. Rest assured we will get these things ironed out and it will be business as usual. In the meantime, please visit us on our Facebook page at, you can enjoy our design team’s creativity and see all the new releases. Once again thank you for your patience, we appreciate your loyalty!

Here are the new releases:


Be My Funny Valentines                     Small Words of Love and Kindness

SSLPB1701 $17.99                                 SSJMCB02 $17.99

SSLPB1701D $6.00                                SSJMCBO2D $6.00



Florentine Quotes and Frame                  Endearing Roses

SSJMC1701 $17.99                                      SSBCA31 $17.99

SSJMC1701D $6.00 Digi                              SSBCA31D $6.00




Thank you for stopping by our blog today, we hope to have the migration hiccups fixed soon!

Crafty Smiles,

Terre Fry

Marketing Director

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